BLOCKERS has selected the highest quality materials to create a durable, flexible and unobtrusive product that can be used in a variety of locations from couches to beds to chairs.

Like the birth of every solutions-based product on the market, BLOCKERS was born out of frustration. BLOCKERS founder, Denise Koch was watching her daughter’s three dogs. One of the dogs wouldn’t stop barking when her toy continuously found its way under the couch.  Not only that, the dog was clawing at the hardwood floors and the couch. There were visible scratch marks on the floor and the netting under the couch was beginning to droop. 

One night after thinking about the problem, Denise fell asleep and had a vision…the name “BLOCKERS” in all-caps. That’s when she knew she had to make the product and she knew it was a gift from God.

Denise looked online and found a few DIY solutions, but they looked cheap.  These were often complicated and unattractive.

For the next three years, the BLOCKERS team worked diligently on several prototypes. They tested different fillers, fabrics and sewing companies to find the best fit.  Three supreme necessities: a strong enough filler to keep the BLOCKERS in place; a strong enough fabric to stand up to pet nails; and something easy-to-clean. The BLOCKERS team found it.

This patent-pending technology offers unrivaled-functionality. Finally, there’s an attractive solution to problems with pets, dust and lost items.

We are thrilled to have been able to shepherd BLOCKERS from need to vision to reality and are excited to share it with the world.