Don't get stuck!

BLOCKERS is the perfect product to keep your pet from getting stuck in a tough spot. Whether they're always losing their toys under the couch, or trying to sleep underneath your bed, BLOCKERS is an attractive and flexible way to keep both your pets and your floors protected.

Made from the highest quality materials and sold with a 30 day warranty, BLOCKERS is sure to improve sanity levels for both you and your pets.

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Where'd that toy go?

With BLOCKERS you'll never be asking that question again! Keep toys, bones and ropes as well as all of your stuff out from under the couch.

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My dog would lose his toys under the couch while I was at work and bark all day! My neighbors had filed complaints with the landlord, and I can't even blame them. After installing BLOCKERS under my couch, my dog is happy and so are my neighbors!

Donna L.

Buying Blockers was the first thing I did after refinishing my wooden floors! Hooray for no more pet scratches

James C.

My kid used to lose balls and toys under the furniture all the time, but NO MORE! Thanks BLOCKERS!

Margaret L.

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