Hear what people have said about BLOCKERS...

My dog would lose his toys under the couch while I was at work and bark all day! My neighbors had filed complaints with the landlord, and I can't even blame them. After installing BLOCKERS under my couch, my dog is happy and so are my neighbors!
- Donna L.

Buying Blockers was the first thing I did after refinishing my wooden floors! Hooray for no more pet scratches
- James C.

My kid used to lose balls and toys under the furniture all the time, but NO MORE! Thanks BLOCKERS!
- Margaret L.

My bunny loved to chew cords so the second she could get under the couch or behind the TV she would. I used one under the couch and another under the TV cabinet and it solved the issue!
- Katie D.

Every time our chinchilla escaped from my sons arms, he would takeoff to the darkest furthest point to get away and inevitably urinated. We no longer had this problem after we put BLOCKERS under our couch.
- Diana J.