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BLOCKERS is the ultimate solution for blocking anything from getting under furniture. Pets, pet toys, babies, baby toys, loose change, pens and pencils, fur, dust... you name it!

With BLOCKERS you'll keep your pets happy by keeping their toys out from under the couch, you'll keep your floors happy by keeping them clean & scratch-free and you'll keep yourself happy with less to worry about!

Our patent-pending product is produced with the finest materials and features:

  • A flexible armature allowing BLOCKERS to fit under almost any piece of furniture and keep its shape once it gets there
  • A black & durable microfiber cover which blends in to the shadows underneath your furniture and is easily cleaned with a vacuum attachment and a damp washcloth
  • Memory-foam construction for extreme durability and the ability to expand underneath furniture of various heights

Technical Specifications:

  • 125" Long (5" diameter) - but can be bent in any spot to accommodate smaller pieces
  • 7.26 pounds - easy to move, but heavy enough to stay in-place
  • 30 Day Warranty - if you aren't happy, send it back within 30 days, no questions asked!